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Young Attitude Group – The Fastest Growing Institutional Company

For Startups

We Are A Global 360 Degree Solution

Let's Start Now !

Developing Technology, Developing Your Business Model To Raising Funds, We Assist In All!

For Politicians & Organisations

We Are Political Commandos

Let's Win The Polls !

We Are Experts At Perception Management For Mass & Mindset Manipulations !

For Businesses & Associates

We Consult, Develop & Build Their Empires GLOBALLY !

Let's Join Hands Now!

Our Global Network Allows Us To Be The Best Friends For Any Business ! For Every Query, We "Are" The Solution Globally!

Become A Part Of Us & Start Your Business

For People Aspiring To Be A Part of Our Network To Grow

We're Always Open For Global Business Associations And Tie-Ups

While We Take Care Of Rest, You Can Just Take Care of The Clients & Business Development

Tired Of Finding The Right People ?

Stop Surfing & Mail Us Now!

Ok! Let's Talk

Our Variety Of Services To Our Global Network, Has Helped All Kinds of People, Let's Have A Word To See Where Can We Be Of Help!

Infinity Is What We Believe In : In Opportunities, Growth Or Efficiency

Welcome To Young Attitude Group

Let's Start To Talk, To Join Hands Or Maybe Work Together

Because If You're On Our Website, Then There is Something "Destiny" is Telling You About : Success!


Young Attitude Group

Welcome To The Fastest Growing Conglomerate Company .
From Technology To Consultancy, For Startups To Businesses.
We Value Your Pocket To Your Idea. Try Us Now!


Building Mobile & Web

We are Experts at Developing Mobile Applications To Websites ! But We are Selective In Our Process For Development As We are Cost Effective & Best In Class!
Learn More Now

  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites
  • ERP
  • WebApps
  • E-Commerce
  • Cloud Softwares
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • And We're Prepared For Anything

Our Own Startups

We Have Our Own Love For Startups That We have Been Focusing On Secretively ! As We Believe Idea Is worth billions , and we believe to have the expertise to get any startup executed well. Industries Our Startups Focus At :-

  • Travel
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Intra-Mall Navigation
  • Social Networking

Startups! We Help You

We Not Only Consult Startups, We Build The MVP's With Them And Also With our Team Of Experts We Build Their Business Models To Plans So that They Do Not Fail ! We've helped 40+ Startups Across Globe! Let's Talk Or Get Funded

  • Consulting Technologically
  • Building MVP's
  • Consulting Business Wise
  • Market Research
  • Approaching Investors
  • Sales Pitch
  • A Step Closer To Success !!!!

Constructing Temples & Mosques

Best In Class Team For Designing and Constructing Temple and Mosque . Having Major Group of Temples as Our Portfolio We Boasts our Expertise In This Niche Genre of Industry.

  • Consulting & Designing
  • Marble Temples
  • Mosques
  • All Religion Temples
  • Makrana Marble Temples

Political Consultancy

We are the go-to public affairs, communications, and research partner for Top Political Parties, Politicians & Campaigns. Our integrated experience in communications, digital, and data is unmatched Allowing Us To work with our clients to build their reputations, tackle big challenges, and win.

  • Perception Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Digital Strategy
  • Grassroot Intel Management
  • Media Planning
  • Digital Competitive Intelligence

Real Estate

Acquiring Commercial and 90 B Lands For Us have been an Easy Task, Having Backed the Major Real Estate/Resort Developers Here In India ! Helping All Kinds Of Corporations In acquiring the Right Land To Constructing Well Has Been Our Habit!

  • Land Acquisition
  • Construction
  • Resort Locations
  • Real Estate Development
  • Consultancy For Lands

We Meet, Talk & Understand

We Understand Your Idea & Your Plan, then we handcraft our services in that particular format.

Design, Build or Create

After 1st Phase, We Design Our Program Accordingly Getting You Closer to Success

Deliver & Success

Our analyst & consultants work day in and out with your to achieve what we promise to deliver and what you want to achieve!

This Might Say It All ! A 360 Degree Firm Which Stands By You On All Grounds!




We are set of serial entrepreneurs who've had a successful journey of their ventures. Who Are

  • Creative
  • Crazy
  • Innovative
  • Futuristic
  • Transparent & Trustworthy

They Help in building what you actually dream of Building In Reality with trust and transparency.









Companies Consulted

USD 14 mn

Raised Till Now
We Love To Hustle Because Actions Speak More Louder Than Words!