We Are The Platform Where a Startup Can Build Itself

At Young Attitude Ventures, We commit to Provide enterprises & Startups A Platform To Achieve Their Tech, Development, Business Model, Funding Needs at One Stop!

Young Attitude Ventures Not Only Assists Enterprises, but also Startups , Not Only From The Idea Stage But also till they Raise Funds Achieving Success

We work together because we believe in the power of sharing: of knowledge, experience, Technology and network. We are a a Global S tartup consultancy, investment network and think tank based in India that pushes technological innovation to foster humanities progress

We Are Affordable, Reliable And Are Efficient In All Aspects.
In Global Markets We're Known 360 Degree Startup Assistants

We Can Help You Build Your Tech, Your Business Model, Rectify Your Thoughts Or Maybe Be With You In The Entire Success Story ! Keeping In mind Your Affordability, Optimum Utilisation Of Resources & Also Your Ethics In Place. Enabling Us To Be The Best People For You To Work With From Scratch To Stars !

Why Us?

Anyone who contacts us can count on a rapid initial opinion on the match between Young Attitude Ventures and the business concerned. All this of course needs a good understanding of current players in the market, and a good understanding of current best practices in technology and digital. Given the experience of the YAV team that has been involved with 100’s of start-ups there is a deep understanding of business model, product development and digital needs from a view point of scaling up and fundability. We understand the challenge for early stage business and start-ups to optimize the use of business resources to support growth and the importance of product and digital metrics to users and investors. We've Worked Globally So You Can Count on Us!

Strategy & growth

We have the people, skills, insights and deep industry experience needed to shape new forms of client value. We help organisations/startups to innovate and develop new business models and winning strategies for value-generating growth.

Innovation & Technology

We develop ideas and analysis that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to growth. We're The Most Affordable Technological Development Firm in the Startup Industry !

We Consult, Not Rule

We invest and assist the entrepreneur. We do not take over the leadership. The entrepreneur and his or her team are decisive factors for a successful strategy.

Get Funded

We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execution excellence on the most complex transactions across products in order to help our clients grow financially.

360 Degree

We help our client's markets remain efficient and liquid, so investors and companies can meet their needs, whether to invest, raise money or manage risk giving a 360 assessment

Funders Pool

Our Strength Comes with our associations with many banks, financial institutions, venture capitals, HNI's & PI's .

Complete Support

The Experienced Team takes care of the operational management, including the deal flow and reporting. In cooperation with the Associates, the team takes care of the entire investment & business management from your Idea to business planning along with your projections.

We're Flexible as Friends

Our Group assists the entrepreneur with capital, knowledge and experience. Not like the classic angel investor, but as part of a concept that couples the tailoring of the informal with the power of a professional investment company.

Our Track Record

We Believe In Achieving Success Rate As Greatest As Possible, Added Our Consultancy Has Been Best In Class For Our Associated Businesses Worldwide.

40+ Selevtive Startups

Consulted, Across 20+ Countries

USD10mn+ Raised

In Funding

12+ Enterprises


40+ Investors Associations

PI, HNI, PE etc. Associated


Our Clients Across Borders Have Been Our Pillars To Achieve This Success And Growth In This Small Time. Let's Hear What They Have To Say.
  • Young Attitude has the right skill set, attitude, leadership, vision, tenacity and are extremely reliable. We were given multiple options due to their close relationship with lenders. I wish you guys a world of fortune and success
    Isabella, Taggli, From Brazil
  • The support we got from Young Attitude Ventures in Our Startup has really been encouraging. Their support is not just limited to capital raise, M&A but they also helped us with onboarding great advisors, which goes beyond what you expect from conventional bankers.
    Brandon & Briann Rabb, Los Angeles, USA

We Get Investments Through All Kinds Of Funds

Our professionals are experts in structuring debt and equity financings and accessing specific private capital markets to achieve the optimal terms for our clients.  We Have a long-standing relationship with numerous capital providers. With access to the senior decision makers at these institutions, we can assure our clients of obtaining quick and constructive responses. In particular, we are close with a large number of:

• Commercial banks
• Hedge funds
• Mezzanine funds
• Private equity & Venture Capital firms
• Family offices
• Strategic investors within our industry focus

We Consult & We Build Business Models/Plans That Are Workable

As an independent firm, we provide clients with truly objective advice about financing alternatives. We identify and pursue the optimal source of capital with the structure and terms tailored to specifically address their needs.

We Also plan their business model and also create their idea into something that is workable or scalable, looking at the 95% failure rate of startups, a Due Diligence is a must where we are expects at !

Become an Investor & Grow The Economy

For those who do not have ambitions to become an active associate, or prefer to fulfil a smaller role as an investor in Young Attitude Ventures, we offer the opportunity to participate in the Young Attitude Ventures 1 fund. This fund will be set up in the course of 2016-17
If you would like to know more, please contact us using the contact us page, We will then send you all the information you will need.

Be One Of Us In Your Country

YAV consists of the investment team and a group of 35+ Associates.
Although we intend to keep the group of Associates in its current composition, we do have several spots available for committed investors who would make a genuine contribution to the team. If you are interested, please contact one of the members of our investment team.

Simple Procedure To Make / Achieve Success

CALL / MEET / Email Us

Submit your idea, business plan, business model or just a one pager about your or your thoughts about the same !

Handcrafting Consultancy

We Handcraft Consultancy Program For You


Build Your Tech Or Be Investor Ready ! We're There For All!
Let's build organisations that Become Institutional, rather than a failure !